Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pocket E Goes to a Party

I recently got invited to the infamous "Parkvicia" Birthday Bash. A double party for two of my friends. (one has the bday aug 6th, the other is aug 12 ... mine's the 18th. I always get invited to their double party, but, am never invited to be one of the co party girls }P)

Little did they know, I was packing Pocket E and we were going to crash the party.

Evicia (like Renesmee, poor Evicia has been saddled with an odd made up name that combines the names of her grandmothers Patricia and Evelynn) refuses to read Twilight and will take every opportunity to roll her eyes at me and say derogatory things about sparkly vampires. I was a little wary of Evicia's reaction to my not only bringing an action figure, but, incessantly taking pictures of it. To this end, the plan was to keep the whole thing on the sly, wait for everyone to get drunk enough to not notice, and to sneak around while snapping a few pics.

Parker, on the other had, loves Twilight, but, is only part way out of the Twi-closet (and with my help is inching out more and more) I figured I could bring her in on my scheme at some point, and was expecting that not only would she be cool with it, but, she'd likely also help out by playing lookout.

After I arrived (late as usual) I started right in with handing out the presents. Nothing like getting a present to distract you from the seven inch action figure stashed in my purse ...
As I am poor, my present to Ev was an electronic bubble popping key chain.

She has a very public LOVE of bubble wrap and has recently reported back to me that she's already logged hours on said keychain. Yay for me, my gifts are popular!

For Parker, on the other hand, I gave the Cullen crest that came with my Pocket E (I even told her the only reason this happened is that I'm getting a bracelet with the crest later this month courtesy of my bday funds, as a true twi fan, she not only wasn't insulted by this explanation, she understood it completely and was very impressed by my great generosity) although she loved it, she couldn't quite figure out what she would do with it. Thankfully after she sobered up the next day, she had a brilliant idea and proceeded to attach it to her front door. Hooray for proper appreciation! (stating she was both proud and horrified of the fact it was there, marking her as a fan, raising questions with all guests, etc.)

For the other part of Parker's present, I took her aside, down the hall, out of site, and whipped out Pocket E. She could barely contain herself. After I told her I was going to let her BORROW him to hold him and pose for a picture, she pretty much lost it. After jumping up and down SQUEEING, this is the picture we got.

yeah, she was rightfully ecstatic about the opportunity bestowed upon her!

But, the side affect of all the jumping and squeeing was that everyone (the other 15 people at the party, none of which were twi fans) wanted to know what was going on. Which was the end of keeping my picture taking, and craziness, on the down low. So, we changed tack and proceeded to tour PE through the whole party in a very public fashion. Much fun was had! To the credit of the non twi fans, there wasn't too much ribbing over all, some were curious, some were entertained by the notion, and only a few tossed out insults here and there. Not even good ones at that.

So without further adieu, here's the photolog of Pocket E's time at the Parkvicia Birthday Bash!

Trying to get in with the festive atmosphere, Edward tries on a party hat ... and then tries it off, it just isn't working.

As it is an adult party, Edward gets his "prop" cup ready to go
He at least TRIES to blend in...

After considering the fact that Peperoni is made of meat (no blood though ...) Edward decides to give it a try. (ends up he's not a fan)

Ever the gentleman, Edward helps cut the cake.

He's nothing if not good with his props.

A little bit further into the night, it seems that Edward is a little too into his "prop" cup.

Edward hangs out at the coffee table for a few minutes to watch cartoon rambo, trying to figure out what everyone's laughing at, and why a bunch of late twenty somethings are watching cartoons.

After a bit, Edward spots some penguins, and of course wants a picture with them.

After spying some potential prey, Edward lies in wait.

After getting him right where he wants him, Edward goes after the big ram.

On the way out the door, Edward spies, and then wants to pose with, Parker's bumper sticker.

All in all, good night, great party! Not quite as bad as I thought it was going to be to have proof of my insanity on my sleeve. (or in my hand as the case may be)

I'm beginning to wonder if my non twi friends accepted it so easily because it's not that strange a thing to do, or if it's because I'm that weird normally it's not that much of a reach...


  1. Love the fork and the penguins...hilarious ;) And how brave of your friend to post the Cullen crest on her front door! Not sure I could get Mr. Swiss to go for that. Especially considering we saw a shiny Volvo this weekend and he referred to it as "your gay vampire's Vulva". Yep, he's a keeper ;)

  2. Parker is a single mom who's son is still to young to notice it or complain, I'm pretty sure that's why she can get away with it ;)

    Mr Twinatic would also refuse to let me. He also makes fun of Edward (that vulva thing is pretty much exactly something he'd come up with if he knew the story included a silver volvo)

    He's currently finding much enjoyment in asking me "you do know it's two whole months away, right?" every time I get excited about a trailer, or Parker and my preshow plans ...